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[protege-owl] Re : Datatype Property using a Drop-down List of values

deamon deamon deamonfr at
Tue Jul 20 08:04:01 PDT 2010

Hi Timothy and thanks 

1- I have seen your file , it is likely what i want to do . But is'nt it 
possible to create some range which can contain enumerated value as i want to re 
use these enumerated value for another datatype property? 

If not , i should create the same allowed values whenever i create new datatype 
with the these  values. 

2- How can i create a new range in  protegé 3.4 ? we just have integer , boolean 
I want to create a datatype like "pression" with unit "bar " as float value. One 
way i think about is to create "pression" as a datatype with range as "float" 
and add annotation property like "unit" to specify that it is "bar ". ???

3- Are there some way to group some datatype properties? for exemple I have some 
with can belong to "daily properties group " and to "production group" at the 
same time  for exemple. I don't want to create them as class because i want to 
attach them to some classes. 

Thanks for your help 


De : Timothy Redmond <tredmond at>
À : protege-owl at
Envoyé le : Jeu 24 juin 2010, 19h 53min 40s
Objet : Re: [protege-owl] Datatype Property using a Drop-down List of values

I can get somewhat close to what you want.  If you look in the properties tab 
the datatype property hasStatus has a range that is a list of strings 
(Essential, Conditional, Modular) and has as its domain the class B.  In the 
individuals tab, if you select the individual x in the class B then the values 
for the property hasStatus are represented with a widget called the 
MultiLiteralWidget.  If you click on the + sign then a frame appears that has 
the drop down that you want.  If you change the property hasStatus to be 
functional then the widget for the individual x changes to a 
DataRangeFieldWidget which is exactly what you want (but it only allows you to 
select one value).

Also the widgets can be controlled from the OWLForms tab.  Select the class B 
and double click on some blank space and you will get a window where you can 
select the widgets that you use for various property values.


On 06/24/2010 08:43 AM, Robert A. Elliott, Sr. wrote:
> Hi,
> How do you create a datatype property that contains a list of
> predefined values that will appear in a drop-list as the class is
> instantiated?
>  For example:
> hasStatus:  Essential, Conditional, Modular
> The three choices would appear in the list when the hasStatus property
> is instantiated.
> Thanks.
> I'm using Protege 3.4.3.
> Robert

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